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December 3, 2016

Turn-of-the-Century American Postcards That Hint at Having Sex Before Marriage

Sex before marriage? Early 20th century postcards that are risque

In early 20th century America men could only hint at their intentions when it came to relations with women. To say Americans were puritanical and repressed when it came to sex would be an understatement.

It is hard to imagine that at the-turn-of-the-century most people could not talk about sex let alone consider having premarital relations. That being said, men have always been on the prowl, trying to hop in the sack with women.

In this series of postcards from around 1905, the woman is preserving her virtue and not giving in to having sex before marriage. But as we know men are persistent.

The series called “It’s Easy To Say, But Hard To Do,” is a double entendre reference to a man asking a woman to get married. It can also refer to asking for sex, but how and where can you do it? Looking at these postcards the viewer had to infer the meaning of who was saying what to whom in the captions, and what it all meant.

The man has the woman sitting on his lap and he is practically groping her he is saying “How about it now kiddo?” The woman of course refuses.

“Ask, and you will get it,”  a not too subtle hint – ask me to marry you and then we can have sex.

This next card where the man is saying “Why not now?” indicates that they are engaged. But still no nookie.

The final card we show is the topper. “Are you ready now,” after we are married and purchased this home.

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