December 24, 2016

The Fashion, the Makeup and the Styles: These 30 Classical Diva Album Covers Are Fabulous and Weird

The fashion, the makeup, the styles, the taste both good and bad... prepare to go down a rabbit hole of 20th century nostalgia.

During the five decades of the LP's golden age, thousands of women of all levels of talent and fame documented their vocal artistry in solo recital and opera recordings. These cultural relics give us time-warp glimpses into the graphic design trends and coiffure styles of bygone eras and far-off cultures.

In every country from Argentina to Yugoslavia some tortured art director struggled with how to present to the public an image of the diva that would both sell her record and satisfy her ego. How can one capture in one square foot the diva's elevated art and alluring essence?

(via Vinyl Divas)


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