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December 3, 2016

"The Car You Always Promised Yourself" – 19 Fascinating Ford Capri Ads From the 1960s and 1970s

The launch of the Ford Capri in 1969 introduced a sleek and sporty car into the UK market. It was claimed that the Capri had a spacious rear seat ensuring enough room for two adults as well as offering Custom Plans allowing customers to personalize their Ford.

“The car you always promised yourself” – the Ford Capri – was re-launched in 1968 after the original Capri 109E, 116E and GT models sold well in the early 60s. The new Capri featured a long bonnet and Ford Mustang-like styling with a range of extras to choose from. These included chrome wheel trims, reclining seats and a map reading light. The Ford Capri impressed customers and sold nearly two million units in Europe in only five years.

Well, is it what you’ve promised yourself? Car, 1969.

Ford Capri ad, 1969.

Ford Capri Mk1 ad, 1969.

Capri 2 + 2 – “We were going to call the new Capri a 2+2. But there’s too much room in the back.” No there wasn’t.

We’ll sell you your own car.

Capri. The first sexy European under $2300. A very precise sum to equate with sexiness of Europeans.

Germany Ford Capri 1300 XL, 1969.

South African Ford Capri ad, 1969.

Ford Capri 3000 GT Advert from ‘Autocar’ magazine, 9 October 1969.

France Ford Capri ad, 1970.

Ford Capri Vista Orange Special Advert 1971 The first Special Edition, the Vista Orange Special, 2000 GT.

Great New Accessories, 1971.

Ford Capri ad, 1971.

Ford Capri MK1, 1971.

Dunlop Formula 70 ad, 1972.

Dupli color advert from 1972.

Ford Capri ad, 1972.

Mercury Capri Sport Coupe, 1973.

Mercury Capri II "S", 1977.

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