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December 10, 2016

Messages to Santa: 17 Old Letter Photos Show Lovely Christmas Wishes of Kids From New Britain, Connecticut in 1949

Christmas is truly a great time for everyone, especially for kids. They express their desires, favorite gifts joyfully through letters sent to Santa.

Let's see what lovely kids from New Britain, Connecticut said in their letters to Santa in 1949 through 17 vintage photos below.

Santa Claus, c/o Stack's Market, 123 Orange St., New Britain, Conn.

Santa, Clase

A Santa's deer

Santa's friend Stanley

A carriage for X'mas

A gas station, a sled, and a truck

A new wardrobe and a 1950 Cadillac

A Roy Rogers suit or a garage with cars

Any kind of toys

Any rattle

Bring my girl friend Ann something good

From a wife

Gifts for next summer

Good boy sometimes

I have been a very good girl

I will be a good boy

Jude at the age of 31/2

(Photos from Nolan Pelletier)


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