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December 16, 2016

18 Rare Vintage Photographs That Show Manila Before and After World War II

In the span of 28 days, Japanese forces ravaged the once-beautiful Philippine capital, Manila. From February 3, 1945 to March 3 of the same year, Filipino and American soldiers went head to head with Japanese invaders. Ultimately, the battle ended in a blood bath of massive proportions that left the city totally devastated.

Below are 18 vintage photos from the collection of pilot, photographer, and collector John Tewell that show the city and its people before invasion and after the Battle of Manila.

G. Koba Yashi Building (1940) just before the bombing and invasion by the Japanese. Manila, Philippines, late 1941.

Nippon Bazar. Manila, Philippines, late 1941.

Toyko Bazar. Manila, Philippines, Dec. 1, 1941. A view of Toyko Bazar still open and doing business in Manila one week before Japan bombed and invaded the Philippines.

Inside Quiapo Church looking out just before the bombing and invasion by the Japanese late 1941. Manila, Philippines.

American soldiers entering Intramuros. Manila, Philippines, March 2, 1945.

Filipinos citizens fleeing the fighting. Manila, Philippines, Feb. 1945.

The Metropolitan Theater after the Americans took control at the Battle for Manila. Manila, Philippines, Feb. 1945.

War-torn remnants photographed just after the Battle for Manila, March 1945. Manila, Philippines.

Intramuros, Manila, Philippines March 1945. Filipino survivors from the Santa Clara Monastery being rescued by American soldiers right after being liberated from the Japanese.

An arch with the sign ‘Manila Welcomes Distinguished Guests’ in a traffic circle in Manila, the Philippines, 1945. The photo was taken from Manila City Hall looking south-southwest down Padre Burgos Ave.

Legislative Building, Manila, Philippines, WWII damage, 1945.

View from Quiapo Church, Manila, Philippines, May 1945.

Chinese volunteers in the Philippines 1945.

Chinese volunteers in the Philippines 1945.

Lourdes Church, Recoletos Church, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines, July 1946.

WWII veterans against MacArthur petition signing event, University of California, USA, March 1948.

Manila, Pasig River, Philippines, Oct. 10, 1949.

Rizal Monument, Luneta Park, Manila, Philippines, Oct. 10, 1949.

(via Rogue Media Inc.)


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