Bring back some good or bad memories

October 31, 2016


  1. I have to say thatthe woman in the blue dress holding her mink stole looks absolutely great-so e`r`otic particularly her nyloned legs r

  2. Commenting about the couple sitting in two separate chairs-the woman is very attractive-being now an older (but not dead!) man who was an adoilescent in the late 50's , I always admired beautiful women's style of their slips peeking out of their dresses or skirts when they sat-along with their rht nylons and sandals- I think they always knew what men liked including their white blouses with their lacy bras showing through. I had a Spanish teacher in J.h.s.143 in the Bronx, n.y. who dressed like this lady- she blew me away !!!h2

  3. I found the brunette woman of the couple seated separately very attractive. As an older man I remember fondly observing women's slips peeping out from their dresses or skirts above their wonderful rht covered legs. I also found their transluscent white blouses over lacy bras underneath very enticing and erotic. I'm sure they always knew their erotic effect on men and boys !/ath fprely t



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