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November 6, 2016

These 28 Extraordinary Photos You Won't Believe They Were Taken From Circa 1894

The Photo-Club de Paris was created by members who seceded from the Société de Francaise de Photographie and it included influential photographers including Robert Demachy and Constant Puyo.

In 1894 they hosted one of the most lavish and international of the artistic photographic salons of the late nineteenth century. Precedents to this had been set by the 1888 Vienna salon, followed by the Vienna salons of 1891 and 1892 and the first London (Linked Ring) salon held in 1893. Each of these broke away from the older established photographic societies that were inclusive but frequently interested in technical rather than artistic achievement.

Entry rules for the salon exposition stated that “only work, which, beyond excellent technique, presents real artistic character will be accepted.” It was seen as important by the founders of the salons that photography was accepted within the broader community of the arts and the composition of the jury reflects this goal.

Photographer: John Bergheim; Title: Gazaleh

Photographer: Bernard Lintott; Title: Marée montante

Photographer: A.G. Tagliaferro; Title: Le Doigt coupé

Photographer: Rudolph Eickemeyer Jr.; Title: En descendant les marches

Photographer: Rene Le Bègue; Title: Une Muse

Photographer: Constant Puyo; Title: La Tapisserie

Photographer: William Anckorn; Title: Réve d'Enfant

Photographer: William Crooke; Title: Portrait de M. le Professeur Blakie

Photographer: Frederick Boissonnas; Title: Les Troglodytes

Photographer: Clarence Moore; Title: Le Récit d'un Ancien

Photographer: Emilie Clarkson; Title: Miroir de l'Eau

Photographer: Robert Demachy; Title: Etude de Femme (buste)

Photographer: Maurice Bremard; Title: Crépuscule

Photographer: Michel Kotchoubey; Title: Bords du Soupoï

Photographer: Georges Balagny; Title: Coucher de Soleil

Photographer: Lewis Cohen; Title: Un Bivouac

Photographer: Georges Berteaux; Title: « Pelotons, demi à gauche!… Halte! »

Photographer: Albert-Edouard Drains; Title: Étude de Femme

Photographer: Benjamin Gay Wilkinson; Title: Le Retour du Troupeau

Photographer: Maurice Bucquet; Title: Étude

Photographer: Dr. Hugo Henneberg; Title: En Été

Photographer: Ralph Winwood Robinson; Title: Brouillard sur la Tamise

Photographer: Antoine Ruffo, Prince della Scaletta; Title: Un Bravo de Venise

Photographer: Comte d'Assche; Title: La Prière

Photographer: Georges Robard; Title: Départ matinal de Régates

Photographer: W. Dawes; Title: En route pour le Marché

Photographer: Arthur R. Dresser; Title: Nettoyage

Photographer: Henry Peach Robinson; Title: Temps orageux


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