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November 2, 2016

Swing Wing: The Most Dangerous Toy in the 1960s

The Swing Wing is a toy, similar to the Hula Hoop, worn on the head and twirled by moving the neck and/or body in a back and forth motion. It was developed by Transogram Games and introduced in 1965.

The Transogram Company had been producing mainstream toys such as tiddly-winks and doctor kits since 1959. Then one day in 1965 they came up with the idea for the Swing Wing. Nothing says "fun" like a cerebral hemorrhage, so Swing Wing was eventually pulled from the market, leaving kids searching for a new fun way to get their spinal injuries on.

"In my day the only thing the children were shaking around was their necks! Not their hips like these little whores of today," said some old person who was around when this toy was a product.

We all know the most dangerous game is man, but in these days the Swing Wing was the most dangerous toy, claiming the lives of dozens of children before the FBI shut down production at the Swing Wing factory in Dublin, Ohio and burned all the evidence that they ever existed except for this Swing Wing toy commercial.


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