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November 26, 2016

Here's How Hard It Was to Move a 5MB IBM Hard Drive in 1956 (Note: Required a Forklift)

It’s really interesting how the world is revolutionizing as well as technology. If you ever wondered what an hard disk drive looked like in the mid-1950s, the pictures below should give you an idea.

The photographs show a 5MB Hard Disk drive been shipped out by IBM in 1956. Imagine how many men it took in other to load in the 5 MB hard disk.

In September 1956, IBM launched the 305 RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control), which was the world’s first ‘SUPER’ computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). This 1956 HDD was composed of 50 24-inch discs, stacked together and taking up 16 sq ft of real estate. The once-cutting-edge monstrosity was capable of commanding an annual fee of $35,000 and stored up to 5MB of data. Sure, by modern standards it's a pretty modest capacity, but the RAMAC still weighed in at just shy of a ton.


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