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November 17, 2016

Goofing Off: 50 Bizarre and Funny Vintage Snapshots From Between the 1920s and 1950s

Even before the age of the Internet, us goofy humans were LOLing at funny pictures. Go back in time and take a look at these vintage WTFs:

1. Two women goofing of outside

2. Soldiers goofing off

3. Students goofing around with a skull and skeleton

4. Woman goofs off while raking

5. Men practicing an acrobatics routine

6. Two men demonstrating upper body strength

7. Goofy-looking little boy playing a violin

8. Man playfully grabs a laughing woman from behind

9. Group fooling around while visiting a cabin

10. Fat man boxing a woman

11. Two goofy men pretending to be soldiers

12. Happy couple riding some barrels

13. Little boy fakes an injury in the grass

14. Man tossing food into a friend's mouth

15. Two men play-fighting in the yard

16. Men pushing women in a wheel barrow

17. Woman spanking a man in the park

18. Man pretends to drink from a huge bottle

19. Man stands on his head as a child watches

20. Young men giving each other piggy back rides

21. Group of blurry women jumping while holding their skirts

22. Young man hanging from the clothes line pole

23. Funny man buried at the beach

24. Woman lifting a rock above her head

25. Woman spanks her friend with a paddle

26. Man jokingly holds up other men at gun point

27. Man balances a toddler on one hand

28. "At last -- I've settled down."

29. Woman pretending to pour water over her friend

30. Young woman swings a little girl by her arm and leg

31. Two shirtless boys playing in the grass

32. Young men mourning their friend buried in the sand

33. Man playfully steps on the back of a woman

34. Men riding a horse with hats over its ears

35. Man robs another with a rifle

36. Women laying on the grass showing their legs and feet

37. Women attacking a man laying on the floor

38. Woman riding on the shoulders of a man

39. Man doing a hand stand

40. Man holding two women doing hand stands

41. Two women hanging from a tree

42. Man climbing a street sign

43. Man hanging from a pole by his feet

44. Men pretend to hit their friend with bottles

45. Little boy with arrows sticking out of his chest

46. Woman dancing on top of a barrel

47. Man and women play fighting

48. Young man holds a toy gun on another man wearing a woman's dress

49. Man stands over an "unconcious" man

50. Woman sticking her tongue out


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