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November 25, 2016

39 Incredible Vintage Passport Photos of Titanic Survived Women

When the Titanic went down in April, 1912, the impact it had on the public was akin to what our generation experienced on September 11, 2001. The long list of the dead and the tales of survivors filled the press for months, even years. The event took on an iconic significance that shaped the Public's perception of itself just before the societal upheaval in values that occurred in the 1920s.

About more than 1,500 people perished in the sinking. There were 712 survivors. Of those who survived, time-serving, bureaucrat, genealogist, cooker and cryptic puzzle solver Dave Miller has found US passport applications for about 100 on the genealogy database at ancestry.

And here is a list of 39 passport photos of women who were survived from sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Mahala Douglas, 1915

Margaret Edith Graham, 1920

Margaret Fleming, 1924

Margaret Tobin Brown (The Unsinkable Molly Brown), 1920

Marion Longstreth Thayer, 1924

Mary Conover Lines, 1919

Nora Agnes Keane, 1916

Pauline Caroline Gibson, 1921

Richard and Sallie Beckwith, 1921

Susan Parker Ryerson, 1917

Tillie Taussig, 1921

Virginia McDowell Clark, 1924

Amelia Lemore, 1921

Anna Louise Andrews Hogeboom, 1922

Annie May Stengel, 1919

Blanche Greenfield, 1921

Caroline Bonnell, 1921

Caroline Louise Endres, 1918

Dorothy Annan Harder, 1922

Dorothy Gibson (actress), 1923

Edith L Rosenbaum, 1916

Eleanor Widener, 1921

Elizabeth Nye, 1920

Elizabeth Walton Robert, 1919

Elizabeth Weed Shutes, 1919

Emily Borie Ryerson, 1921

Florence Briggs Cumings, 1923

Georgette Alexandra Madill, 1919

Gretchen Fiske Longley, 1924

Harriette Rebecca and Andree Crosby (Andree was born after the sinking), 1920

Ida Sophia Hippach, 1921

Irene Wallach Harris, 1923

Jane Anne Hoyt, 1920

Laura Mary Cribb, 1916

Leah Aks, 1923

Leila Saks Meyer, 1922

Lily May Futrelle, 1918

Lucile Polk Carter Reeves, 1920

Madeleine Force Astor ( Widow of Col. John Jacob Astor, who died in the sinking), 1924

(Photos from Dave Miller, via Ancestry)



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