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November 14, 2016

17 Deadly Fashion Sins That Will Give You Close Insight Into '70s Menswear Disasters

You won’t be able to unsee this menswear fashion ads! They will be your guide through the dark side of the fashion history.

1. Choose a Side: Are You Mustard or Ketchup Pants Kind of Guy?

2. Pure Elegance!

3. The Look on His Face Said It All

4. Never Forget to Wear Your Scarf!

5. Apparently, "Slack" Is a Distant Cousin Of "Cool"

6. Your Belly Button Should See the World

7. United Colors of… Bad Taste

8. Lady Magnet

9. Murder on the Dance Floor

10. Warning: It May Reduce Your Testosterone Level!

11. This Dog Ear Collar Is a Must Have

12. It Was a Sexy Decade!

13. Disaster Brothers

14. 70s Male Modeling at Its Best

15. Instant Ugliness Hat

16. Man Up!

17. It's up to You: Hairy Belly or Animal Print?

(via Vorply)


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