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October 2, 2016

Stunning Then-and-Now Photos Show How Much 20 Popular City Skylines Have Changed Over Decades

The speed in which the world changes is incredible. Dubai for example has grown from a desert into a city in just 20 years, becoming the most populated city in United Arab Emirates. These 20 city skylines from around the world show the drastic changes and development, from past to present.

1. New York City, USA. 1870 vs Present day.

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 1980s vs Present day.

3. Shanghai, China. 1990 vs 2010.

4. Long Beach California, USA. 1953 vs 2009.

5. Eiffel Tower, Paris. 1900s vs Present day.

6. Panama City, Panama. 1930s vs Present day.

7. Shenzen, China. 1980 vs 2011.

8. London, England. 1900 vs Present day.

9. Toronto, Canada. 1930s vs Present day.

10. Hong Kong. 1920s vs 2000s.

11. Singapore. 1990s vs Present day.

12. Bangkok, Thailand. 1988 vs 2007.

13. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia. 1930 vs Present day.

14. Venice, Italy. 1970 vs Present day.

15. Doha, Qatar. 1977 vs 2010s.

16. Tokyo, Japan. 1945 vs 2011.

17. Athens, Greece. 1860 vs Present day.

18. Fortaleza, Brazil. 1970s vs 2011.

19. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1990 vs Present day.

20. Los Angeles, USA. 1970s vs Present day.


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