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October 7, 2016

Merry Hallowe'en! Here Are 36 Vibrant and Charming Hallowe'en Greeting Cards from the 1910s

These wonderful vintage postcards mostly manufactured in Germany circa 1910. Over 100 years old they are still vibrant and offer a wonderful snapshot into the iconography of the holiday and a social commentary. Some have been mailed while others are unused. They are chromolithographs, embossed and a couple have sparkle embellishments. Not surprisingly there are reoccurring themes including witches, black cats, pumpkins, jack o lanterns and bobbing for apples.

Girl in a white dress reaches up to an apple on a string to bite it. A boy with a black cat at his legs is beside her. An owl and a witch appear in rondelles in top corners.

Little girl dressed in red witch costume with red pointed hat and red cape. She's carrying a black cat and also a carved pumpkin jack-o-lantern. Signed on front with artist's name.

Boy in a barrel costume with carved, smoking pumpkin over his head, tries to surprise a girl whose eyes are covered. Lightly embossed and has silver glitter. Half moons in top corners.

Depicts a young woman in red dotted dress sits on pumpkin-planet and a line of pumpkins with pickles as arms and legs comes and pays hommage. The front also has a poem "Strange things will happen! Strange things will be seen! If you'll watch out / On Hallowee'n".

Black cat and witch (with broom, peaked hat and red ribbons) and black cape sit in the back of an automobile carved out of a squash or watermelon. Surreal-type image. A pumpkin with a cap is the driver and two smoking pumpkins are the front lights. Lemon or zucchini slices for wheels. Bat and crescent moon in background.

Frightened young boy crouching; he seems to be afraid of a black cat standing atop an orange pumpkin jack-o-lantern.

Depicts a young child coming her hair. Poem reads: "On Hallowe'en Oh Mercy me, The awfullest things that one can see. Ghosts and goblins and witches too, And other things to frighten you."

Surreal image of black cat being ridden in the sky by a ghoul who has attached his hand to a witch's broom. A skeleton, ghost and another ghoul hang onto to the cat's tail. Pumpkin jack-o-lanterns at the bottom.

Black cats flying in sky with jack-o-lantern ghosts trailing diaphanous gowns. Witch on broomstick in full moon in background.

A girl in old-fashioned costume sits on a big pumpkin, with black cats on either side of her and reads from a book called "Ghost Stories" to a group of children who also have Halloween symbols, including mask, black cat and jack-o-lantern.

Depicts five vegetables with faces, arms and legs, one sitting on top of a pumpkin in a field. Greeting: "Merry Hallowe'en."

Witch in red dress and black cape, black peaked hat with red ribbons, flying a broom that has pumpkin jack-o-lantern on front. Crescent moon in background with face.

Depicts a witch and pumpkin.

Depicts black cat and broomstick in a large circle , with two carved pumpkins on each side of circle. Greeting: "A Merry Hallowe'en. For Ways that are dark and tricks that are vain. Watch out!"

Depicts child and adult, adult with large hat or sombrero, looking up at a large pumpkin on a fence, surrounded by forest. Smiling moon in background.

Hallowe'en Greetings - poem in bottom right corner "Tis Hallowe'en and I'm here again / from the man in the Moon in an Aeroplane / My charms are new and right up to date / Go tell by the Cards your fortune and fate." Shows a witch with broom, and black cat in a biplane with a pumpkin jack-o-lantern in front (like an engine). Three owls pull the biplane on a string. Crescent moon in top right.

Depicts a two children bobbing for apples.

This card depicts a child in a witch's costume, on a broomstick with a black cat, set against a yellow moon.

Depicts small boy wearing a hat with a feather , holding a large carved pumpkin. Signature of Ellen H. Clapsaddle. Greeting is "A Happy Hallowe'en."

ostcard depicts witch with broom in forest feturing bats, black cat, and "talking" trees with faces. White moon in background.

Orange background with illustration of witch on broomstick and black cat on end of broomstick. Scared children at the bottom of the card.

Depicts a large pumpkin with a human face and hands at top of postcard. Lower portion with two green pumpkins and a green cat. Two candlesticks above. Centre has greeting "To Greet You Heartily This Hallowe'en."

Depicts a boy in a blue sailor or military outfit, and a girl in a pink dress. Both reach up for the same apple. A line of apples is hung between two poles. A jack-o-lantern appears in the bottom right corner and a black cat in the bottom left corner.

Depicts a large owl, with a castle turret in background. Border is of clouds and witches with broomsticks. Greeting is "For Auld Lang Syne this Hallowe'en. Oct 31st."

Depicts witch, black cat and pumpkin on seesaw. Pumpkin has peanuts for arms and legs.

Depicts 3 young girls with apples in barrel.

Woman with pumpkin jack-o-lantern head leaning out a window, throwing a rose to a kneeling man, who also has a pumpkin jack-o-lantern head. He's playing the banjo and serenading her. There is a black cat in the background, as well as owls and a crescent moon in sky.

umpkin jack-o-lantern-headed boy in white shirt holds black cat with gold bow on neck over a fence. Below is written "Is this your pussy". Smiling moon in background.

Depicts a large grandfather clock with "pumpkin pendulum" and anelegant Gibson Girl. Shadow of witch to left, as well as a black cat. Greeting: "Beware! The time is here in which the witches do appear."

A "Whitney Made" card, with owl and black cat, set against a yellow moon. Includes witch's hat and broomstick. Greeting is "Look out! Or else a goblin crew will try to have some fun with you."

Depicts pumpkin-head man roasting jack-o-lantern in outdoor stone fireplace. Man is surrounded by thistle.

Depicts small boy in sailor suit and a girl? in a panama hat carrying a large pumpkin on a pole.

Central panel depicts Gibson Girl in hooded white robe adorned with pumpkins and holding candle. She is surrounded by several pumpkin-like masks, as well as masks similar to Japanese Noh masks. Panel has gilded drawings of Noh-like masks on either side. Title is "Hallowe'en Faces". Verse:" Perhaps you will be sleeping And you'll miss a funny sight / of ceril faces peeping For Hallowe'en's the night."

Depicts a milkmaid, startled by cow with pumpkins attached to its ears.

Depicts large smiling pumpkin with black cat, and 'dancing' vegetables. Young girl looking over stone fence.

Greeting: "Witches, bats and pussy-cats / are all abroad to-night / I'd brave them all to see one lass / who has bewitched me, quite." Card shows small child with a pumpkin on a stick and a witch stroking a black cat. Cat is drinking from 'pumpkin plate' with owl looking on.


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