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October 20, 2016

Here Are 35 Reasons Why Men's Fashion in the 70s Should Be Forgotten

It was a time when it was completely acceptable for men to wear bellbottoms, and being “groovy” was a thing.

1. This giraffe-print bodysuit

2. These undies

3. This shirt-and-undies set

4. These high shiny pants and one-piece underthing

5. This printed underwear set

6. These suits in this color

7. These silken robes

8. This mustard nubbly sweater

9. These pants

10. These ketchup and mustard themed pants

11. These sailor(??) ensembles

12. These outfits that somehow go with a hard hat

13. These shorts

14. This hat

15. These belted sweaters

16. This jacket with no shirt underneath

17. This

18. These plaid pants

19. This insane coat

20. This giant collar

21. These bell-bottoms

22. Absolutely all of this

23. These eye-searing yellow sweaters

24. This mesh tank top

25. This pea-soup sweater vest

26. These nightshirts

27. This jumpsuit

28. These "carsual" pants

29. This sexy painter's garb

30. These shorts-and-socks combos

31. These outfits

32. These undies

33. These suits that might have a built-in girdle

34. This coat and hat and shoes

35. This rainbow shirt



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