October 26, 2016

32 Wonderful Color Snapshots Documented Everyday Life of Okinawa, Japan in the 1950s

These wonderful photos were taken by an American photographer while he served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. They documented everyday life of Okinawa between September 1953 and August 1954.

Boats in Okinawa

Boy chasing butterflies in Naha-shi

Business center, Okinawa

Change in Schools, Nago

Children in Naha-shi

Children play with a sand pile, Okinawa

Clowns advertising in Okinawa

Fruit and vegetable market in Naha-shi

Girls crusading for the Society of Preservation of Chastity, Morals & Birth Control, Okinawa

Modern buildings in Naha-shi

Naha-shi shops

New department store in Naha-shi

New store in Naha-shi

Okino village, Okinawa

One of the thick castle walls at Nakagusuko Castle

Orange peddler in Naha-shi

Pig going to Market, Kumejima, Okinawa

Planes at Kadena B-29s, Okinawa

Shops at Kadena

Spiral stairs, Naha-shi

Street in Okinawa

Streets in Naha-shi

Suckahachi lane in Okinawa

The old and new at Nakagusuku

The remains of the China Maru, Okinawa

The very young and the very old, Naha-shi

Unloading project at Kumejima

Using the old head at Koza

View from Nakagusaku toward Bucknerville

View of Naha-shi

Young girls at Ishikaw

Baskets of dried fish, Okinawa

(Photos from Phil Roeder)


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