October 18, 2016

25 Funny John Winsch's Halloween Postcards From the 1910s

John O. Winsch, of Stapleton, New York, was a publisher of superior quality greeting postcards. He first issued postcards in 1910, shortly after the passage of the Payne-Aldrich Act, which increased tariffs on imported cards. The Winsch cards were printed in Germany and imported to the United States for distribution.

Winsch postcards sold at two for five cents, when the common price was one cent each. While some Winsch postcards were issued in sets of six; most of the better designs were issued in sets of four.

The most collected of the Winsch postcards are the Halloween designs by American art nouveau artist, Samule L. Schmucker.

Winsch reached its peak in 1911, but continued in business until 1915. During this short time Winsch copyrighted over 3,000 designs.


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