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October 11, 2016

22 Incredible Vintage Photos of Old London in the Late 19th Century

By the end of the 19th century, London was not just a bustling, world-class city. It was also the center of Britain's Empire.

People living in London (and elsewhere in the U.K.) had access to goods from around the world ... if they could afford them, that is. Not everyone could afford them, however, since London was also a city of contrasts.

Extremely wealthy and extremely poor people all called London home, although they lived in different areas of Greater London.

Here is a collection of amazing vintage photos capturing street scenes of London from between the 1880s to 1890s.

An electric brougham in Lower Regent Street in Westminster.

At the bottom of Ludgate Viaduct on Fleet Street.

Beginning of Cheapside Street.

Charing Cross Station, the Strand.

Filling a bucket at Aldgate Pump, East End London.

Hammersmith Broadway.

Harrods on Brompton Road in Kensington.

Haymarket on Whitechapel High Street.

Islington High Street in Clerkenwell

Kings Cross

New Bridge Street near Farringdon Street.

Piccadilly and Green Park in Mayfair.

Piccadilly Circus and London Pavilion.

Royal Courts of Justice.

St. Martin's-Le-Grand on Cheapside Street.

St.Mary- le- Strand, the Strand.

The Old King's Head at Euston and Hampstead Roads in St. Pancras.

Threadneedle Street.

Tottenham Court Road.

Trafalgar Square.

Whitechapel Road in Tower Hamlets.

Whitehall and Parliament Streets in Westminster.



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