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September 20, 2016

16 Portrait Photos of Victorian Child Criminals in Newcastle From 1871-73

Needy life was the main cause to make these children stealing something. Maybe they needed some little things to make their lives more comfortable. These children weren't real criminals, they were just poor kids.

Here below is a portrait photo collection of child prisoners in Newcastle from 1871-73. They were all under 18.

1. Ellen Woodman: 11. Ellen was ordered to do 7 days hard labour after being convicted of stealing iron.

2. Jane Farrell: 12. Jane stole 2 boots and was sentenced to do 10 hard days labour.

3. Henry Leonard Stephenson. 12. Henry was convicted of breaking in to houses and was sentenced to 2 months in prison in 1873.

4. Rosanna Watson: 13. Rosanna was sentenced to 7 days hard labour after being caught stealing iron.

5. Mary Hinnigan: 13. Mary was caught stealing iron and was sentenced to do 7 days hard labour.

6. James Scullion: 13. James Scullion was sentenced to 14 days hard labour at Newcastle City Gaol for stealing clothes. After this he was sent to Market Weighton Reformatory School for 3 years.

7. Michael Clement Fisher: 13. Michael was an accomplice of Henry Leonard Stephenson, charged with breaking in to houses and sentenced to 2 months in prison.

8. Stephen Monaghan: 14. Stephen Monaghan was convicted of stealing money on 25 July 1873 and was sentenced to 10 days hard labour and 3 years in Market Weighton Reformatory.

9. Henry Miller: 14. Henry was charged with the theft of clothing and sentenced to 14 days hard labour.

10. Mary Catherine Docherty: 14. Mary was sentenced to 7 days hard labour after being convicted of stealing iron along with her accomplices: Mary Hinnigan, Ellen Woodman and Rosanna Watson.

11. John Reed: 15. John was sentenced to do 14 days hard labour and 5 years reformation for stealing money in 1873.

12. Edward Fenn: 15. Edward was convicted of stealing clothes on 31 March 1873 and served 1 month with hard labour.

13. Robert Charlton: 16. Robert Charlton was a labourer from Newcastle and was imprisoned for 4 months for stealing 2 pairs of boots.

14. John Duffy: 16. John were found guilty of assault and theft. He was imprisoned for 6 months.

15. James Donneley: 16. Also known as James Darley, at the age of just 16, this young man had been in and out of prison, but on this occasion he was sentenced for 2 months for stealing some shirts.

16. George Lamb: 17. Accomplice of John Duffy, George Lamb was sentenced to 4 months in prison after stealing money.

(via Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums)


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