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September 11, 2016

43 Rare Found Color Slides Capture Everyday Life of Cuba in the 1950s

These vintage photos below are rare found slides that captured everyday life of Cuba in the 1950s.

Cuban children seated outdoors

Cuban children stand front of their house

Cuban family in front of blue and white house with thatched roof

Equestrian statue in park, Havana, Cuba

Flamboyan, palms, thatched, tiled houses

Freight leaving La Isabela, Cuba, 1956

Group of children in field, horse grazing

Home in cane field, Cuba

Horse drawn taxis parked by plaza, Casanova store, Sagua La Grande

House in Sagua la Grande, Cuba

House with thatched roof, painted blue and white

Houses with thatched roofs, white horse grazing

Loading sugarcane near Ramona or Humagea, Cuba, 1956

Ox cart with caterpillar treads in back

Ox team pulling large wooden barrel

Oxen pulling large wagon load of sugarcane

Palm grove, Mamey, Cuba

Palms and flamboyan trees by house in Cuba

Pilings at water's edge

Sea port town, La Isabela, Cuba, 1956

Street scene in Santiago de Cuba

Street scene, Santiago de Cuba

Streets in Santa Clara, Cuba

Streets in Santa Clara, Cuba

Taxis waiting in the shade, Sagua la Grande, 1956

Train load of sugarcane

Trolley with Canada Dry sign in Santiago de Cuba

Truckload of bananas

Two houses on ocean front, sailboat in Isabela de Sagua

View of city in Cuba by a bay

Waiting to unload at sugar central

White horse with saddle pulling cart loaded with sacks in Santiago de Cuba

A typical Cuban school

Boy and woman drawing water from well

Building with flowers over doorway

Bus converted into tram car on train tracks

Caritas in Rancho Veloz, Cuba, 1956

Casita in Mamey, Cuba, 1956

Casita in Rancho Veloz, Cuba, 1956

Children, laundry in houses built over water

Cienfuegos, city by the sea

City harbor with passenger ferry approaching

Couple and child in front of thatched building

(Photos from Tom Lehman)


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