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September 24, 2016

34 Rare and Vivid Color Snapshots of Everyday Life in the early 20th Century

Here is a collection of early color photos capturing everyday life from between the 1900s to 1930s.

Men at Crummock Water lake, England, ca. 1920s

Mothers and their children play in the garden, north Yorkshire, England, 1937

Old house on an island in France, circa 1930

Rural scene in France in the 1920s

Thatched cottages in Corhampton, Hampshire, 1915

Thatched house in Corhampton, Hampshire, 1915

Traditional costumes inside Japan pavilion at Paris, 1937

Two couples of tennis players sitting on a bench, 1912

View on the French Riviera in 1920

View on the French Riviera in 1920

Woman in her garden, ca. 1920s

Woman on a terrace over French Riviera in 1920

Women in the harbour in the 1920s

Women sitting in front of house in Hampshire, 1915

Wooden sheds at fall, Clifton, NJ, 1908

Young girl in bonnet with dog in 1915

Young girl sitting on chair, ca. 1910s

Young lady in a garden, France, 1920

A young lady standing on a bridge, France, circa 1920

Castle in France, ca. 1920s

Chestnut trees at fall, ca. 1920s

Family in England, 1937

Family on the north Yorkshire coast, Runswick Bay, 1937

Flowers in a garden in France, ca. 1920s

French old man in a garden, circa 1920

Garden in Hampshire, 1915

House in Corhampton, Hampshire, 1915

Lady gathering strawberries, France, ca. 1930s

Lady reading in a garden, France, ca. 1920s

Lady reading in the garden, 1915

Lady seated in a park, France, circa 1920

Lady seated outdoor in France, ca. 1920s

Lady with her book, ca. 1910s

Man in doorway at chemists shop in Loftus in the North Riding of Yorkshire, 1937


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