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September 5, 2016

20 Bizarre and Shocking Advance Hints About the 9/11 Attacks in Popular Culture Before They Actually Happened

Back in the mid 1960s construction began on the World Trade Center, and when the Towers opened their doors in the early 1970s they were the tallest buildings in the world.

On September 11th 2001, after a terroristic attack on New York took place, the once tall and proud buildings that overlooked their city came crumbling down. In the aftermath, upwards of 3,000 plus people lost their lives, and on that fateful day, the skyline of New York was changed forever.

As even the most novice student of the 9/11 "conspiracy theory" is aware of, several media hints and warnings preceded the horrific events of that unforgettable history-altering day. But what many aren't aware of is just how many of these in-your-face hints there actually were and, in some case, just how diabolically detailed they were. Most disturbing of all is that the trail of hints stretches back as much as 25 years before the big event!

1. Wonder Woman Cover (1963)

2. Superman Comic (1973)

3. The Towering Inferno (1974)

4. Cracked Magazine (1975)

5. The First Kingdom Comic Cover (1975)

6. National Lampoon Magazine (1975)

7. Sesame Street (1976)

8. Pakistan Airline Ad (1979)

9. Saga Album Cover (1979)

10. Marvel Comic Book (1983)

11. Commodore 64 Game Cover (1983)

12. Así Sufre Latino America Book Cover (1983)

13. Pamphlet Cover (1987)

14. The Squeeze (1987)

15. Die Hard (1988)

16. Microsoft Flight Simulator Cover (1988)

17. The Illuminati Card Game (1990)

18. Spider-Man Comic (1991)

19. Mortadelo (1993)

20. Viceland Magazine Article (1994)


  1. "to find the answer we must look past the destruction to the floors just below the impact"

    Right under our noses

  2. It's called the clustering all you wizard brains can go back your parent's basements




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