August 21, 2016

These Candid Photographs of Marilyn Monroe in the Mid-1950s From a Superfan's Collection As You've Never Seen Before

Never-seen-before photos of Marilyn Monroe have been revealed by a superfan who spent years following the Hollywood legend.

All the photographs were taken around New York in the mid-1950s by James Collins, a member of the 'Monroe 6' - a group of teenagers who followed the actress paparazzi style when she was in the city.

The youngsters were such avid fans Monroe ended up knowing them all by name and allowed them special access to her to take countless photos and signed numerous autographs.

“I just used any box camera I had, nothing fancy because I couldn’t afford an expensive camera.” Mr Collins said. “We knew where she lived and her hairdresser was a friend of ours so he would tell us when she was going to an event and where she would be.”

“Afterwards we would run to the drugstore to get our snapshots developed in multiples so that all of us could have all the shots we had taken of her,” he added. “We wanted nothing from her except the opportunity to take her picture or to get her autograph – and often she would sign on the very photographs we had just taken of her the day before.”

Taken between 1955 and 1956, the photos show her in both casual clothing and cocktail attire.

“They’re all candid photos, they show the two sides of her. By day she was this sweet, lovely girl and at night she became the movie star.”


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