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August 15, 2016

Strange Photos From The Past – 20 Unusual Old-Timey Images That Are Truly WTF!

These seem far too bizarre to actually be real... but they are!

1. When you understand that this is Russia in the 60’s it makes sense because this wouldn’t even be strange by today’s standards.

2. No Russian connection here. There was, however, such a thing as the Seattle tubing society in 1953.

3. Early 1900s French postcard. Let’s just hope this was part of an ‘animal bites human’ series.

4. One of the first comedy “what’s that over there?” moments from 1910.

5. Give that stomach wine for heavens sake! Give that stomach wine! All it can take! 1921 rally against prohibition.

6. He looks awful cheerful for a guy that just got shot testing a bullet proof vest, 1933.

7. Ladies of 1929 show off their new bathing suits made from wood.

8. Now that’s one hell of an alarm clock.

9. Apparently that horse got told to stand in a corner and think about what it’s done, 1960.

10. ‘Hottest housewife’s’ 1928.

11. Hippo rides, a dollar a pop, 1900.

12. Human Centipede, 1950.

13. Apparently this gag never gets old, mid 1950s.

14. I don’t think this is what they meant by “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

15. No, this is not a unique take on public hangings… This is how people were taught to swim in the 1930s.

16. Humor left a little to be desired before the internet came along.

17. “You said it would be fine to fly this kite in the storm, dad!”

18. You may be talented but can you roller skate on one leg while skipping? 1929.

19. 1939 London: Oh really? Ok, then...

20. The first and last annual Zebra Olympics, East Africa.

(via EMGN)


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