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August 27, 2016

Sid Vicious Stomping Around Paris, April 1978

Back in 1978 Temple shot most of the scenes in a variety of locations, ranging from the highly touristy Rue de Rivoli, to quieter lower class areas. As a filmmaker Temple enjoyed filming his actors in real 'rough' places and ancient Paris was full of weird streets looking unchanged since the 19th century.

Shooting scenes in Paris with an actor wearing a swastika shirt wasn’t allowed and is still not allowed; the same for an actor dressed up like a policeman. Filming needs official authorization and even if the Swindle footage may look like it was shot 'on the run', Julien Temple had to get official permission for filming.

The many tales about the filming taking place in the Jewish area of the city is simply not true. Nothing was filmed in the Jewish area of Paris.



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