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August 4, 2016

Rare Vintage Photos of Michael Jackson and His Family Group The Jackson 5 Visit The Philippines For a Week-Long Concert in 1976

Did you know that The Jackson 5, the pop group of brothers which included the late Michael Jackson, visited the Philippines for a week-long concert back in 1976?

Before he became the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was the lead singer of a family act from Gary, Indiana, USA. The Jackson 5, later known as The Jacksons, was one of the biggest pop groups in the 1970s.

Almost everyone knew who they were, but few people remember that at the height of the group's success, they visited the Philippines in February 1976.

The Jackson 5 went to the Philippines to perform in a series of concerts called the Love Jive held at the Araneta Coliseum and the Folk Arts Theater. They performed for six consecutive days, something that is no longer done by foreign artists visiting the country for concert tours.

Aside from the concerts, the group also accepted invitation to guest in local TV show Student Canteen, a now-defunct noontime variety show, to promote their concert series.

Eddie Ilarde, the former host of the now-defunct noontime variety show Student Canteen, recalls the warm reception of Filipino fans to the pop superstar when The Jackson 5 visited Manila again in 1976.

Ilarde describes Michael as the friendliest among the brothers, adding that he even talked about Filipinos at a US concert following his recent trip to the Philippines.

Here are some of the photos from the Jackson 5’s guesting with Student Canteen:

Left to right: The Jacksons Tito, Jackie, and Michael with hosts Coney Reyes, Eddie Ilarde, and Bobby Ledesma (the bow-tied guy on the left with curly hair and moustache is actor/comedian Ricky Manalo who was a temporary host)

Marlon, Michael, and Randy with Connie, Eddie, and Bobby

Marlon, Tito, Jackie, Michael, and Randy with Connie

Michael sang a ballad that day: "Ben"

As you can see, the studio was jam-packed that day. The hosts didn't even have space to step away from the set.

Meanwhile, it was pandemonium outside as fans waited to get a glimpse of Michael and his brothers.

As Michael sings, daddy Joe dances with a member of the audience.

Jackson Five Concert posters.

The promoters of the tour.

According to the article on the Philippines Daily Express below, it seems like Muhammad Ali, a friend with the Jackson brothers at the time, instructed them to come and perform in the Philippines. The same article states that Germaine (!), Ill, is replaced by Randy in the band!

Daily Express/ February 13, 1976.

Michael Jackson, far right.

The Jackson brothers were staying at the Manila Hilton Hotel. One of the employees recalled: "I was working in Manila Hilton in 1976 when the Jackson 5 stayed there for their concerts in the Philippines. They were nice boys, sometimes pranksters, but nothing nasty. Their father, Papa Joe was also a nice man. They took pictures and gave autographs to all."

During the trip, Michael also met two well-known actresses in the Philippines at the time, Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor, which were featured on the local's magazines.

The then young actress Vilma "Vi" Santos is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. She attended one of the Araneta Coliseum concerts and met her idol for the magazine photoshoot

Pictures of Michael with Nora Aunor hand in hand:

Filipino producers have even proposed the group to make a film with it. " If the script is well written and that things can be done, I would love the group makes a movie in the Philippines," says Joe, their father-manager. Nothing will ultimately make.


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