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August 29, 2016

"Be Happy, Go Lucky!" – The Appeal of Vintage Lucky Strike Tobacco Ads From the Early 1950s

These Lucky Strike ads from the Be Happy Go Lucky! campaign of the early 1950s and ads from British brand Kensitas, which followed with its Kensitas that's Good! campaign a year later are appealing to people of all ages, especially teens and young adults, with their vibrant colors, youthful models, fun fonts and carefree messages.

From 1935 to 1959, Lucky Strike sponsored a popular radio show and subsequent TV show, Your Hit Parade, which associated Lucky Strike cigarettes and smoking with fun, music, dancing, and friends. Your Hit Parade featured popular songs and musicians of the day alongside copious advertisements for the cigarette brand. When the show first aired on television, the program opened up with the following Lucky Strike jingle composed by Raymond Scott:
Be happy, go Lucky, Be happy, go Lucky Strike, Be happy, go Lucky, Go Luck-y Strike to-DAY!
At the same time, Lucky Strike began rolling out print advertisements in popular magazines bearing the Be Happy Go Lucky slogan. This followed on the heels of the 1949 campaign, Smoke a Lucky to Feel your Level Best! Both slogans suggested that smoking Luckies resulted in emotional and physical benefits, and both campaigns were colorful and youthful, featuring young, predominantly female models having the times of their lives. These ads presented Lucky smokers as young, attractive, vibrant, athletic, happy, and full of vitality. Without claiming health benefits outright, Lucky Strike portrayed its brand as healthy and enticing through these campaigns.

(via Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising)


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