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August 4, 2016

22 Funny Vintage Photos of Flappers Posing With Their Cars From the 1920s

Car ownership during the 1920s soared, from 6.8 million American car owners in 1919 to 122 million in 1929. Just as the bicycle had previously provided women with a form of transportation emancipation, the car became the flapper's golden ticket off the homestead and into city life.

The availability of cars spurred the romantic transition from calling on a girl at her house to taking her out on a date. Naturally, older people wrung their hands at the physical interactions that could occur in an automobile, but they couldn't put the brakes on the four-wheeled trend. And as early as 1922, etiquette maven Emily Post declared women – and therefore flappers – driving unaccompanied perfectly appropriate

Through the ways these flappers expressed themselves by posing with their cars, they were really badass girls.



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