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August 2, 2016

12 Black and White Pictures Captured Behind the Scenes of "Sky West and Crooked" Movie in 1965

Sky West and Crooked (known in the United States as Gypsy Girl) is a 1965 romantic drama film, featuring actress Hayley Mills. The film was directed by her father, John Mills, and was co-written by her mother, Mary Hayley Bell.

These pictures below taken by photographer Brian Candy in 1965 during the filming of this movie in Little Badminton, Gloucestershire.

(Photos by Brian Candy, via Matt Bigwood)

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  1. Hard to believe that Hayley Mills was actually 19 years of age but playing a 10 year old Brydie White.
    She was my first 'screen crush' back then and before 1965.
    Deborah Kerr too.
    Then in 1964 there they all were , Hayley, John Mills, Deborah Kerr together in the movie 'The Chalk Garden'. Still love it. Have it on DVD. btw: I am 6 years older than Hayley.




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