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July 8, 2016

Fabulous Vintage Pictures of Women’s Hairstyles and Make-Up From the 1920s

Although popular conceptions of the Jazz Age suggest that every fashionable woman bobbed her hair during the 1920s, some women did keep their hair long. Long-haired women did not customarily wear their hair loose; rather, they pulled it back to the nape of the neck and wound it into a smooth chignon or knot.

Aileen Pringle hairstyle, 1924.

Another fashionable style at the beginning of the decade involved coiling long hair into two buns that rested one behind each ear. This hairstyle, known alternately as “earphones” or “cootie garages”, fell out of favour by the mid-1920s.

However, more enduring was the ubiquitous bob, cut short and straight at about chin-length, which dancing sensation Irene Castle introduced in the United States shortly before World War I. When other celebrities such as French fashion designer Coco Chanel and Hollywood star Louise Brooks also adopted this short, blunt haircut, women across the United States followed suit.

Many women actually had their hair cut by men’s barbers, since some hairdressers, fearing that short, simple hairstyles would put them out of business, simply refused to shear off women’s long tresses. The bob could be worn with or without bangs, and was often accompanied by side curls plastered to the cheek or by a single curl dramatically set in the middle of the forehead.

The water wave comb was another implement designed to create wavy hair. Wet hair was set with a series of combs, often made of aluminium or celluloid, which gently pushed the hair into waves. A scarf or ribbon was then wrapped around the head to keep the combs in place until the hair dried into soft waves and the combs would be removed. Women also created “finger waves” by applying “finger waving lotion” to their damp hair, then combing and pinching their short tresses into waves with their fingers. Until the damp waves were completely dry, women protected their efforts with delicate nets made of real human hair.

By the late 1920s, “permanent waves” were also available to women willing to undergo the strong chemical treatments. Although women went to great trouble creating curls and waves in their naturally straight hair, short hair was in general a real time saver. Women with long hair might spend several hours a week brushing, washing, drying, braiding and arranging their elaborate hairstyles, but marcelling short bob only took a few minutes every day.

Four beautiful examples of the 1920s Hair and Make-up most fashionable styles.

Agnes Ayres

Pola Negri in the mid-1920s styling a Cocunut Cut. This haircut was a must have for women who preferred the fringe, despite the unflattering name.

Beautiful portrait of Louise Brooks showing her iconic Bob Cut, 1920s.

African-American beauty styling Marcel Waves, 1920s.

Actress Irene Delroy showing dramatic eyebrows.

Vienna, Austria, 1928 – Josephine Baker getting ready in her dressing room. She is depicted putting on make-up looking into a mirror.

Silent film actress Raquel Torres using a lip stencil.

American actress Mary Brian, c.1925.

Bebe Daniels, 1920s.

Jobyna Ralston, 1920s.

Natacha Rambova, fashion and movie set designer. Cootie Garage hairstyle with headwrap.

Irene Castle by Edward Thayer Monroe.

Louise Brooks, 1920s.

Arlette Marchal, 1920s.

Mary Astor, 1920s.

Eton Crop hairstyle, 1920s.

Finger waves, 1920s.

Agnes Moorehead, 1920s.

Esther Ralston, 1920s.

(The 1920s (American Popular Culture Through History) by Kathleen Drowne and Patrick Huber, 2004; via Fascination Street)


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