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July 4, 2016

This Is a Photo of the Iceberg That Sunk the Titanic

Is this a photograph of the iceberg that did the unthinkable: sinking the RMS Titanic?

On April 12, 1912, Captain W. F. Wood aboard the steamer S. S. Etonian photographed a massive iceberg with a distinctive elliptical shape. Wood found the picture remarkable enough to print it out and annotate it with the current latitude and longitude.

Two days later, on April 14, the “unsinkable” Titanic struck an iceberg and sank to bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. That iceberg had the same elliptical shape, according to sketches made on the ship. Wood had captured the remarkable piece of ice.

“There were probably thousands in the North Atlantic at that time -- but few that looked like this iceberg,” Craig Sophin, a Titanic expert, told “This was such a huge monster, with such an unusual shape … it’s like a snowflake, no two are exactly alike.”

“It was very reasonable to conclude that this iceberg … probably was the very same iceberg that Titanic encountered 10 days later, 2 miles south,” he said.


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