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July 25, 2016

These Skater Girls From the ‘70s Will Change How You Think About Women in the Past

By the time the '70s rolled in, body hair was back in full swing, hippy babes were kicking around in flares and hot pants and women were getting on board with skating. Yep, female skateboarders started shredding alongside dudes on the streets, completely changing the way women were seen in sporting circles.

Let's take the time to remember the beautiful women street athletes of the era, such as Laura Thornhill, Ellen O'Neal, and Kim Cespedes...

Ellen O'Neal is gracefully performing a “hang ten nose manual,” October 1976.

Leilani "Lani" Kiyabu at Spring Valley skatepark, December 1979. (Photo: Jim Goodrich)

Denise Fleming. Lakewood Skatepark halfpipe, October 1978. (Photo: Bob Ballou)

Peggy Oki getting above the pool coping - original Dogtown / Z boys rider, ca. 1970s.

Cindy Whitehead board grab in the pool, ca. 1970s.

Laura Turner - the Grand Champion of the National Skateboarding Championship in May 1965, and recent skateboarding hall of fame inductee. She rode for Topsider.

Kim Cespedes, the "First Lady of Northern California" skateboarding back in the 1970s.

Teri Lawrence riding the Marina Del Rey bowl in 1979.

Edie Robertson grabbing her board in the late 1970s.

Peggy Turner hand-plant in the 1970s.

Judi Oyama during a session with Steve Caballero at the Winchester skatepark, 1979. (Photo: Mike Smiley Goldman)

Wendy Bearer, rider for Makaha and inductee in the Skateboard Hall of Fame, 1963.

Jana Payne riding the pool with confidence in the 1970s.

Robin Alaway at the Carlsbad skatepark in the 1970s. (Photo: Warren Bolster)

Robin Logan displaying a high jump in La Costa in the 1970s.

Tina Trefethen on her longboard performing freestyle gymnastics, ca. 1970s.

Laura Thornhill spinning her iconic 360's at Skatopia, June 1977. (Photo: Warren Bolster)

Ellen Berryman competing, and photographed for Skateboarder Magazine, February 1977.

Vicki Vickers in the 1970s.

Ellen Berryman used her gymnastics background to give her a competitive edge, 1976. (Photo: Warren Bolster)

Patti McGee, the "National Girls' Champion" of skateboarding in 1965. (Photo: Bill Eppridge)

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  1. That is NOT Peggy Oki! That is Shogo Kubo a male dogtown skater on his z-flex.




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