July 13, 2016

Stunning Black and White Portraits of Swedish Film Star Greta Garbo Taken by Renown Photographer Clarence Bull

Clarence Sinclair Bull was born in Michigan but spent most of his life in Hollywood where he died in 1979.

He was hired by movie mogul Sam Goldwyn in 1920 to photograph publicity stills of the studio's stars.

Four years later, when Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was founded, Bull was appointed as the head of their stills department where he remained throughout his career. During that time he took portraits of the most celebrated Hollywood film stars, however, he is particularly known for his photographs of Greta Garbo who was almost exclusively photographed by Bull from 1921 to 1941.

Here are some of beautiful black and white photographs of Greta Garbo taken by Clarence Bull, one of the greatest portrait photographers of the Golden Age of Hollywood.


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