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July 29, 2016

30 Stunning Color Photos Taken by a Russian Writer From the Early 1910s That Look as Though They Were Snapped Yesterday

Leonid Andreyev was the last great writer of pre-revolutionary Russia. He was also a pioneering photographer, working with the autochrome color process.

Most of the photographs were taken by the Russian writer between 1910 and 1914 of his family and friends.

The pictures suggest the halcyon comforts of life at his estate on the Gulf of Finland and also abroad in Italy, where he played with his children, his yacht, went boating on Distant One, relaxing and wrote late at night. Some of the photographs from his personal photos are self-portraits of a somewhat self-conscious hero deep in thought. A man with many hobbies, the writer remarked, “If I were Tsar, I’d make everyone take up photography.”

It is amazing to see pictures from about a hundred years ago that look as though they were snapped yesterday.

Leonid Andreyev, Sel-portrait, 1910

Leonid Andreyev, 1907

Vadim Andreyev, 1909

Daniil Andreyev, 1912

Leonid’s wife, Anna Andreyeva, Marseille, 1910

Leonid’s wife, Anna Andreyeva, Rome, 1914

Leonid Andreyev, In bed, 1911

Leonid Andreyev, 1908-1914

Anna Andreyeva

Savva Andreyev, 1908

Sunset at Vammasluu, Finland

Leonid’s wife, Anna Andreyeva, Vammasluu

Leonid Andreyev, Vammasluu, 1912

Leonid Andreyev, The mysterious head, 1908-1914

Andreyev’s three sons, island of Koivisto, 1913

Leonid Andreyev, 1908-1914

Savva Andreyev, 1910-1912

Children on the grass, 1907-1908

Savva and VĂ©ra Andreyeva

Leonid Andreyev and his second wife, Anna, in the garden of his home in Finland

Leonid Andreyev, 1910

Vammasluu, 1910

Finland, 1908-1914

Leonid Andreyev, Filip Dobrov and Daniil Andreyev at Vammasluu, 1912

Leonid Andreyev, Self-portrait, 1910

Andreyev in front of copies he made of Goya sketches in his study at Vammasluu, 1910s

Self-portrait on the background of a tiled roof, 1910s

Self-portrait with his son Sava, 1910-1911

Self-portrait at work, 1910s

Self-portrait at his desk in the office at home on the Black River, 1910

A self-portrait taken in a mirror, showing the camera Leonid Andreyev used for his earliest stereoscopic photographs, 1903.



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