July 26, 2016

14 Rare Vintage Photos of Daily Life in Galicia (Eastern Europe) around 1920

These photographs were taken around 1920 when Galicia belonged to Poland. Today it is the western part of the Ukraine. All the photographs were taken in Rohatyn, Kuniuszki and in the vicinity that show you a part of the life here 90 years ago.

A Polish peasant family eating their midday bread

A family in Galicia

Farmhouse in Galicia

Galician woman

Grain winnowing

Panjehouse in Galicia

People in front of their farmhouses in Galicia

Procession in front of the Orthodox Church (Roman Catholic)

Rusyn woman in her fur coat

Rusyns on the market

Rusyns in Galicia

Soldiers at rest


Young mother is breastfeeding

(Photos from Wolfgang Wiggers)


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