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June 25, 2016

45 Vivid Color Pictures Capture Daily Life of Young People in Brooklyn During the 1970s

In a day and age where many fashion labels and photographers are stuck on attempting to capture authentic vintage images of the past, Anthony Catalano stands in a league of his own as one of the few photographers who doesn’t have to try and capture the tenor of a previous era, because his flicksare authentic images of modern city Americana.

Anthony Catalano’s photographs were mostly taken in and around the Boro Park part of Brooklyn and extend from the 1960s to the late 1980s. His images are a staggering portal in the past. Pictures show families, groups of friends and street kids posing casually on streets, stoops and basements. It’s intriguing to see the fashion and hairstyles of this era, because it’s transparent that certain aspects of modern fashion are still beholden to the styles of the subjects of Anthony Catalano’s shots.

Take a close look at Anthony’s shots and take a trip into history:

(Photos by Anthony Catalano)



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