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June 17, 2016

The World's Famous Cities in the Past: 26 Wonderful Places You Wanna Be There at That Time

Paris, London, Las Vegas… All of them are brightly shining with lights and full of life and entertainment. You have already been most of them or just keep dreaming about travelling to those cities one day. You have left a piece of you in at least one of the cities or you are a part of them for years. But do you ever wonder how they used to be in the past? All those streets, famous places, people and cars. No, you don't need a time machine.

With this photo collection, we will take you to a black and white era where everything looks old and misty.

1. Prague, Czech Republic in 1964.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1905.

3. Memphis, Tennessee in 1910.

4. Detroit, Michigan in 1917.

5. Montgomery, Alabama in 1906.

6. Moscow, Russia in 1977.

7. Cincinnati, Ohio in 1905.

8. Bombay, India in 1880.

9. Athens, Greece in the 1930s.

10. Jacksonville, Florida in 1910.

11. Las Vegas, Nevada in 1959.

12. Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts in the 1920s.

13. Gothenburg, Sweden in 1961.

14. London, England in 1920.

15. London, England in 1950.

16. Los Angeles, California in 1937.

17. California, San Francisco in 1964.

18. Central Park, New York in 1927.

19. Chicago, Illinois in 1949.

20. Syracuse, New York in 1941.

21. Asbury Park, New Jersey in 1905.

22. Rome, Italy in 1949.

23. Melbourne, Australia in the 1930s.

24. Milan, Italy in 1950.

25. Manhattan, New York in 1972.

26. Paris, France in 1948.

(via sortrature)


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