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June 26, 2016

Missouri in the Earliest Photography: 24 Rare Vintage Photos That Capture Everyday Life in St. Louis From 1848-70

Thomas Easterly (1809–1882), a native of Vermont, was an itinerant photographer in Iowa and the upper Midwest until 1848 when he settled in St. Louis. He operated a daguerreotype studio in the city until the 1870s.

Thomas photographed mostly portrait, but street and urban photography were parts in his work. Here are some rare photographs capturing everyday life in St. Louis from 1848 to 1870 by Thomas Easterly.

Canton Tea Company and Union Fire Company, 1848

Chouteau's Pond, 1851

Chouteau's Pond, ca. 1854

Chouteau's Pond, view south from 8th and Clark Streets, 1850

Cracker Castle, ca. 1866

Destruction of Big Mound, 1869

Fourth and Olive Streets, ca. 1851

Fourth Street Looking north from Olive, 1870

Fourth Street looking North, 1867

Fourth Street looking south from Olive, ca. 1866

Little German band, ca. 1850

Locust Street looking east from Fourth, 1848

Ninth Street looking north from Chestnut, 1852

Old Spanish fort, ca. 1850

Pacific Railroad locomotive Gasconade, ca. 1855

Ruins of the Great St. Louis Fire, May 1849

St. Louis Court House, ca. 1851

St. Louis levee, 1852

St. Louis levee, 1853

St. Louis Park Beer Garden, South Broadway, ca. 1860

Third Street looking North from Olive, ca. 1854

Big Mound during destruction, 1869

Big Mound during destruction, 1869

Big mound, Fifth and Mound Streets, St. Louis, ca. 1852-54


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