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June 1, 2016

Here's a Collection of 17 Weirdest and Funniest Vintage Photos You’ve Ever Seen

It may seem like we live in a crazy world today, but, believe it or not, things used to be even more bizarre in the past. Here are 17 weirdest and funniest vintage photos you've ever seen:

Of course, back then, ladies used to travel by goat...

...although they used to pose with lions.

The prototype for the dog-drawn bicycle had one fatal flaw...

Spare a thought for the poor children who were born with flowers for heads.

Also spare a thought for those stuck with the average 1920s bodyshape.

Is it a car? Is it a caravan? No, it's a carcaravan!

So what's gnu with you?

Sadly, the squirrel didn't appreciate Sally's efforts to read poetry to him.

Ride a zebra? While wearing a Bo Peep outfit? No problem!

Take my cheetah shopping with me? Also no problem!

It's amazing to think that, before the internet, there was just this photo of skunks on a cat.

And you thought there was no photographic evidence of cavemen!

There's always one. Even back then, there was always one.

In America, they had ostrich carriages. In Britain, we had Bernie Clifton.

Eastbourne's annual Who Can Wear The Silliest Hat? competition was getting off to a terrific start.

We're not sure who feels more silly. But we're guessing it might be the cow.

We have no words. Except for.... ROLLERSKATES!

(All images: Alamy, via The Huffington Post UK)


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