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June 4, 2016

Color Photos Show the Trams of Portugal in the 1970s

Trams in Portugal have generally been traditional electric cars in large cities such as Lisbon, Porto, and Coimbra... Portuguese tram routes are typically, but not necessarily, tourist attractions.

Tramways are usually embedded in the older parts of Portuguese cities. They are intended primarily for carrying passengers, and as a means of rapid transportation, since the trams usually have priority over the remaining traffic.

Trams came to Portugal in the following sequence: Porto (1895), Lisbon (1901), Sintra (1904), Coimbra (1911) and Braga (1914). The first three of these networks are still in operation; the remaining two have been closed.

Here are some color photos taken by photographer Tim Boric that show the trams in Portugal in 1977 and 1978.

Alcântara, Lisbon, 1978

Alecrim, Lisbon, 1978

Arsenal, Lisbon, 1978

Avenida da Boavista, Porto, 1978

Avenida da Boavista, Porto, 1978

Carmelitas, Porto, 1977

Castelo do Queijo, Porto, 1978

Chiado, Lisbon, 1977

Coimbra tram in 1978

Conselheiro Arantes Pedroso, Lisbon, 1978

Corpo Santo, Lisbon, 1978

Cruz de Celas, Coimbra, 1978

Cruz Quebrada terminus of tram route 15, Lisbon, 1978

De Avenida da Boavista in Porto, 1978

Freight tram number 77 in the permanent way yard near Castelo do Queijo, Porto, 1978

Júlio Dinis, Porto, 1978

Largo da Portagem, Coimbra, 1977

Largo Fontainhas, Lisbon, 1978

Largo Trindade Coelho, Lisbon, 1978

Lisbon, 1977

Lordelo do Ouro, Porto, 1978

Lourenço Almeida Azevedo, Coimbra, 1978

Ouro, Porto, 1978

Palma, Lisbon, 1978

Poço do Bispo terminus, route 27, Lisbon, 1978

Porto, 1977

Porto, 1978

Praça da Liberdade, Porto, 1978

Route signs on a Porto tram on Largo do Carmo, 1977

São Tomé, Lisbon, 1978

São Tomé, Lisbon, 1978

Saragoça, Coimbra, 1978

Signal man in Lisbon in 1978

Sunset along the Atlantic in Porto, 1978

Tram on route 2 passing the Carmo church, Porto, 1977

Tram route 1 (Matosinhos - Infante), Rua do Passeio Alegre, Porto, 1978

Works car shed of Massarelos depot, Porto, 1978

(Photos by Tim Boric)


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