June 22, 2016

50 Beautiful Vintage Chrysler Imperial Magazine Ads from the 1950s

The Chrysler brand was originally a premium luxury position competing with Cadillac, Packard, and Lincoln. Chrysler was the top brand in the portfolio of what was then known as Chrysler Corporation, led by its top model, the Imperial.

After the corporation decided to spin Imperial off as a separate brand in 1955 to better compete with Cadillac and Lincoln, Chrysler became the corporation's number two brand, but still offered luxury and near-luxury products.

The advertisements for automobiles in the 1950s were all about the car’s features. In a modern age where car advertisements focus on selling an experience, the 50s ads seem long winded due to the fact they are nothing but an announcer describing the car. Here are some beautiful examples of Chrysler Imperial commercials from the 1950s:


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