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June 13, 2016

39 Photographs Capture the Strangeness of London Nightlife From Between the 1970s and 1990s

London is known for all sorts. Its mawkish tourist attractions, its pie and mash shops, its diversity, its unparalleled destruction of everyone and everything that makes it so diverse. But it's also known for its nightlife, because although clubs may be dropping off faster than developers can acquire their deeds and build luxury flats in their place, the city still offers some of the best nights out in the world – just like it has done through all sorts of scenes and subcultures.

Derek Ridgers has been a feature in the clubs and on the streets of the capital for over 50 years - indulging in his obsession for documenting the people dressed up for the glorious night. Anyone who loves street style, youth subcultures, portrait photography and the curious human penchant for playing dressing up, will find this collection a darkly fascinating celebration of both night life and decadence.

(Images © Derek Ridgers – The Dark Carnival)


  1. I like to imagine them showing their children their pictures 25 years later...




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