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June 17, 2016

20 Fascinating Color Photographs of Odessa, Ukraine in the Early 1930s

Branson DeCou was an American traveler and photographer who traveled around the world for 30 years.

In 1931, he visited Odessa and took some of black-and-white photographs, then he painted his photos.

Obviously, he was rather an artist than a photographer. Branson tried to reproduce original colors on his photos.

Check out these colorful photos of Odessa about this time.

Two young women, tour guides.

City view, looking down a major street crowded with pedestrians.

City Hall (formerly a stock exchange): partial view of facade.

Bread wagon delivering food in the Old Town.

Portrait of a group of young Ukrainians.

Man with wine barrels on a horse-drawn wagon.

Men and women at Langeron (also called Lanzheron) Beach.

Portrait of a group of Ukrainian children.

A middle-aged woman with four children.

City view, Renaissance Revival building.

Primorsky (Potemkin) Stairs: view from near the top, towards harbor.

Communist monument with hammer and sickle.

Primorsky (Potemkin) Stairs: partial view, with a group of children.

Torgsin shop ("trade with foreigners") in Odessa, display.

City view near the harbor, with propaganda on the buildings.

City Hall (formerly a stock exchange): partial view of facade.

Torgsin shop ("trade with foreigners") in Odessa.

Tourists on the dock, with buses.

Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet: front facade.

Monument in Shevchenko Park, with a portrait of Stalin in fowers.

(Images via UCSC Library Digital Collections)



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