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May 1, 2016

27 Impressive Pictures of Blizzards and Snowfalls in New York City History

Whether they're facing flurries of snowflakes or all-out blizzards, New Yorkers are all too familiar with old man winter! See how the Big Apple has weathered the cold...

A blizzard turns Broad Street into a white blur during a cold winter day in 1940

A car covered by snow, 1947

A city street becomes an icy tundra as cars try (unsuccessfully) to plough through the snow along Second Avenue in 1947

A couple shares a steamy kiss on a snowy park bench outside New York City's Municipal Building in 1947

A doting mother tries to shield her baby from blizzard-like conditions in Central Park during a snowy day in 1964

A family heads down Park Avenue via dog sled during the winter of 1947

A freak snowstorm leaves passengers stuck in Times Square after a frozen switch brings streetcars to a screeching halt, 1936

A lucky lady catches a ride with a smiling gentleman outside City Hall as others trudge by during a snowy day in 1947

A pedestrian jumps over a mound of snow into the streets of New York City during a storm in 1982

A stunning aerial view shows the majestic Manhattan skyline covered in a layer of snow during the winter of 1941

A train sits abandoned on the elevated tracks along Third Avenue, brought to an utter standstill by snow, wind and ice, 1947

An unexpected blizzard makes for dangerous driving conditions near East 42nd street, where gale-force winds and a foot of snow brings cars and buses to a stop, 1967

Bundled up city dwellers line up to hit the 59th Street lake in Central Park during a chilly day in 1936

Chilly pedestrians brave the snow as they hurry home on a cold winter day in 1940

Driving becomes a team effort after a car gets lodged in almost 7 inches of snow on East 38th Street in 1943

Fifth Avenue in snowstorm in 1948

Following a fight with a five-alarm fire in Brooklyn Heights, firemen struggle to free up equipment completely encrusted
in ice in 1980

Kitty Dolan, the 1957 'Outdoor Fun Queen' of Palisades Amusement Park, doesn't seem to be having too much fun as she stands outside in the cold near the Belmont Plaza Hotel

Orchard Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side becomes a scene of chaos after a heavy snow storm left parts of the city
a huge mess in 1926

The blizzard of 1983 dumped so much snow on New York City that cars were stranded on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

The Great Blizzard of 1888 dumped 40-50 inches on New York City and New Jersey. It left behind this giant snow pile in the middle of the Big Apple

The normally bright lights of Times Square are dimmed by a blanket of white snow following a storm in 1935

The World's Fair isn't exactly bustling after a frozen day left the spectacle completely covered in white powder during the winter of 1939

Tired of shoveling snow, a man uses a flamethrower to clear a path through the frozen Governors Island, 1947

U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Douglas partakes in a favorite winter pastime as he and his son go sledding in 1942

Winter leaves the city's roofs covered with snow following flurries in 1940

With the city lit up behind them, a couple wards off the cold by sharing a cigarette under a glowing street lamp
in Central Park in 1957

(via NYDailyNews)


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