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May 20, 2016

Did You Wear These in the '70s? Fashion Trends That 1970s Kids Will Remember All Too Well

If you grew up in the 1970s, chances are you had a rockin' sense of style. Adults were donning leisure suits and bell bottoms, and stores adapted those trends to fit their littlest costumers, too.

1. Sesame Street Apparel

The iconic children's television show made its debut in 1969, opening up the floodgates for countless apparel items throughout the decade. Pajamas? Check. Umbrellas? You got it. Crocheted vests featuring Ernie & Bert? Of course. Even though the clothing styles have changed, Sesame Street is one trend that is still beloved by kids today. It's just on pay cable now.

2. Flame Resistant Sleepwear

In every catalogue throughout the 1970s, flame resistant sleepwear was prominently advertised. Whether it was your Sesame Street onesie or your heavy quilted robe, pajamas were built to protect. Recently, the chemicals used in flame resistant clothing have come under fire. But in the '70s, parents could rest easy knowing their child wouldn't burst into flame while they slept.

3. All Plaid Everything

Plaid was the hot pattern. Whether it was on vests, button ups, or bellbottoms, you could mix and match plaids to become a geometric fashionista. Paired with leisure suits that were so popular among adults, kids in the '70s couldn't go wrong.

4. Denim

To counter the loud plaid patterns, denim also became big for kids. But we're not talking about denim jeans. We're talking about denim on denim on denim. The photo on the left perfectly depicts the denim craze that took over. These girls perfectly matched their denim jackets to denim bellbottom jeans. Bonus points to the girl with the quilted detailing on her shirt.

5. Bell Bottoms

One of the most definitive '70s fashion trends wasn't just for adults. Kids everywhere mimicked their parents' and favorite celebrities' style by wearing the wide-legged pants.

6. "Chubby" Sizes

Here's something that wouldn't fly today. "Chubby" sizes were available for girls and boys who were a little more, well, chubby. The blatant wording in the ads seems so displaced from today's politically correct world. It's nice that big retailers like JC Penney and Sears aren't calling kids chubby anymore. (By the way, there were even chubby sizes in shoes).

7. Western Wear

No, these aren't Halloween costumes. These are actual outfits from the 1970s. Retailers looked for inspiration from the wild, wild west by selling cowboy hats, fringed dresses and cowboy boots.

8. Cowl Neck Sweaters

Not high enough to be a turtle neck, and not low enough to be a regular neckline — cowl necks struck a perfect medium for teenage girls in the 1970s. Cowl necks are still around today, and have even inspired the "funnel neck" and the "snood neck."

9. Matching

Maybe it was for your family's Christmas party, or for family photos. If you had a younger sibling in the '70s, chances are you wore matching outfits at some point. Matching clothes were the bane of any teen's existence, but they were a delight for younger ones.

10. Celebrity Sleepwear

What better way to show your adoration for a celebrity by wearing their face on your pajamas? While Sesame Street and Disney adorned kids' pajamas, celebrities like David Cassidy adorned those for teens. Bonus points for the girl wearing the Mork PJs in the photo.

11. Elongated Collars

There was a point in time when it looked like collars could just fly away from a button up shirt. The long, pointed collars of the 1970s were big, and the trend trickled down into children's fashion. The longer the collar, the better. The one featured in this photo almost touches the boy's shoulders — very nice!

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