May 2, 2016

Beautiful Portraits of American Silent Film Movie Actresses with Their Autographs in the early 20th Century

Agnes Williams was the piano player at Fargo's first Nickelodeon Theater, also a tremendous fan of early films, she wrote letters to every actor of the era, and they often replied to her fan letters, enclosing a signed photographic print of themselves.

Alla Nazimova

Beatriz Michelena

Blanche Sweet

Dorothy Dalton

Dorothy Gish

Edna Mayo

Enid Markey

Francelia Billington

June Eldridge

Kathlyn Williams

Lillian and Dorothy Gish

Lillian Gish

Lois Weber

Mabel Normand

Mae Marsh

Marie Doro

Mary Miles Minter

May Allison

Myrtle Stedman

Norma Talmadge

Pauline Frederick

Theda Bara

Viola Dana

Violet Mersereau

(Photos from Agnes Williams, via Susie Bright)


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