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May 14, 2016

60 Fantastic Snapshots That Show People Were Funny Long Before The Internet

Check out these 60 funny vintage photographs which give us a rare and fascinating look at how different (and similar) life used to be.

1. they have landed!

She has returned to the Other Realms.

2. the laundry

At first glance they appear to be game birds.

3. clothes--who needs em?

All you need is a smoke and the fresh air up your shorts...

4. grandpa

Someone's been at the bottle a bit...

5. all smiles

Snapshot found with face cut out and smiley face pasted on the back. Voila! She's happy forever!

6. tossed

One of the fellows being tossed in a blanket. He was about twenty feet in the air when the picture was taken. Let's hope he landed by now.

7. another little sparrow...

ahh the glamour of being a chanteuse...

8. the brides

Two weddings at once. Save time and money.

9. the water sprite

Just a fun composition and moment in time.

10. whoops!

When they say don't try this at home, they mean don't try this at home...

11. the amazons

These are strong women--and the guy is funny too.

12. the big stink

Something smells here...

13. dive he said

Someone was at the right time and place.

14. just visiting

On the back: Pam and Terry, March 1946

15. wilderness bride

Who knows what's going on here... for fun.

16. pigtails

and is that a brownie camera? How American can you get!

17. please don't eat the parakeet

Or is it just love at first bite?

18. the giant

The perspective was the draw for this one. Is it me or does he look huge?

19. waiting for santa

A cold snapshot for a hot day in NYC.

20. next year---ice

This is how Peggy Fleming started, skating around the living room.

21. the long slide downward

Who knows if this is her first slide into a life of utter depravity. We shall never know.

22. what a shot!

A small adjustment and she would have gotten him...

23. nappy's drive in

Just the guys clowning around on a hot day!

24. o sleeper awake!

What a neck ache she will have in the morning!

25. No More Loans for you!

and after posing, they all went quietly to jail...

26. everyone into the pool!


27. solitaire

Or just picking her nose.

28. a man and his garters

City-slicker country style.

29. the wilson lion

Looks ready for anything.

30. the air is better up here

Just fun.

31. all tied up 

On the back: Vance Hester. What Vance Hester was doing we can not even imagine

32. one legged woman

Eccentrically ugly--both the woman and the room.

33. beauty and the beast

On the back: Mrs. Herman and Phifi? Atlantic- City 1926

34. have a seat

I like the awkwardness of the legs peeping out.

35. ouch

On the back: Franzi 1928

36. the mohawk

He must have been a trendsetter...

37. bite me

Just fun!

38. funny face

Just fun!

39. almost got it

We know what the photographer was after... maybe she moved her hand..

40. down the hatch

Oh those polaroids...!

41. instant shades

A little snapshot with artistic embellishment.

42. june 1942

Just fooling around.

43. the veiled one

Just the ladies having fun.

44. dog gone it

and he's housebroken too...

45. the joker

Just fun!

46. grandpa needs new teeth

Just for fun.

47. the thing

A giant potato. It's the size of a press photo with no markings on the back but could have been manipulated in the darkroom.

48. portrait of the artist as a young man

The beginnings of a brilliant career.

49. the black birds

The dark suits in the sand? snow?

50. clothes line

Just fun!

51. the guys

Just fun!

52. bare chest

The all American armpit.

53. picnic

Just fun!

54. the fight

Just fun!

55. sit stay roll over

Just fun!

56. read it again

Seems like it should come right out of Life magazine--but it's a flea market snap.

57. the circus comes to town

Love the woman pointing her finger.

58. before flip-flops

The wonderful lights...

59. the guys

Affectionate men.

60. the contortionist

Just fun!


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