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May 12, 2016

40 Groovy Pictures Capture Beach Scenes in the U.S During the 1960s

LeRoy (Granny) Grannis has been both a surfer and photographer since before the use of fiberglass and plastic foam in surfboards. LeRoy entered the rank of professional photographers in 1959, when his pictures appeared in the first surf magazines. LeRoy was also co-editor of International Surfing which first appeared in December 1964.

LeRoy always insists on top quality pictures and states that there is always room for any photographer who does top quality work. He began photographing the scene in California and Hawaii in the longboard Gidget era of the early 1960s.

Sunset Beach, 1967

Malibu, 1967

Sunset Beach, 1967

Sunset, 1972

Huntington Beach, 1961

Makaha Hawaii, 1962

Palos Verdes Cove, 1967

Palos Verdes Cove, 1964

Sunset Beach, c.1969

Ehukai Beach, c.1969

Makaha, 1968

Ocean Beach, San Diego, 1966

Sunset Beach, 1966

Ocean Beach, 1966

Hermosa Beach, 1965

Waimea Bay, 1973

Rincon, 1968

Sunset Beach, 1967

Sunset Beach, 1968

Waimea Bay, 1966

Sunset Beach, 1968

Pipeline, c.1965

Malibu, 1965

Malibu, 1966

Redondo Breakwater, 1963

Redondo Breakwater, 1963

Sunset Beach, 1967

Malibu, 1967

Hermosa Beach, 1963

San Onofre, 1963

Torrance Beach, 1964

Huntington Beach, 1965

The Malibu Pit, 1961

Hermosa Beach, 1961

Hermosa Beach Strand, 1967

Malibu 1967

Malibu 1967

Waimea Bay, 1964

Pacific Beach, San Diego 1967

Palos Verdes Cove, 1968

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  1. That Hermosa Beach Strand photo is 1st Street. In the early 90's those homes were still there.




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