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May 29, 2016

21 Rare Vintage Yearbook Photos of Your Favorite TV Celebrities You've Probably Never Seen

Before the fame and the fortune, these 21 future television stars were just high school students eager to graduate and start their lives. Here's what they looked like before walking across the screen.

1. Carol Burnett

Hollywood High School, Los Angeles, California (1951)

2. Clint Eastwood

Oakland Technical High School, Oakland, California (1949)

3. Bob Newhart

St. Ignatius College Prep, Chicago, Illinois (1947)

4. Dick Van Dyke

Danville High School, Danville, Illinois (1944)

5. Don Knotts

Morgantown High School, Morgantown, West Virginia (1942)

6. Patty Duke

Mace School, New York, New York (8th grade, 1960)

7. Penny Marshall

Walton High School, New York, New York (1961)

8. Ron Howard

John Burroughs High School, Burbank, California (1972)

9. William Shatner

West Hill High School, Montreal, Canada (1948)

10. Barbara Walters

Birch Wathen School, New York, New York (1947)

11. Dick Cavett

Lincoln High School, Lincoln, Nebraska (1954)

12. Johnny Carson

Norfolk High School, Norfolk, Nebraska (1943)

13. Joan Rivers

Adelphi Academy, New York, New York (1950)

14. Phil Donahue

Saint Edward High School, Lakewood, Ohio (1953)

15. Farrah Fawcett

W.B. Ray High School, Corpus Christi, Texas (1965)

16. Kirstie Alley

Southeast High School, Wichita, Kansas (1969)

17. Larry Hagman

Weatherford High School, Weatherford, Texas (1949)

18. Robin Williams

Redwood High School, Larkspur, California (1969)

19. Tom Selleck

U.S. Grant High School, Van Nuys, California (1962)

20. Tom Smothers

Redondo Union High School, Redondo Beach, California (1955)

21. Dick Smothers

Redondo Union High School, Redondo Beach, California (1957)

(All images: Memories Magazine Yearbook (Dolphin/Doubleday), via MeTV Network)


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