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May 22, 2016

13 Vintage Skateboarding Photos to Make You Wish for Summer

There's still nothing cooler than a guy who knows his way around a skateboard. Success on the grip tape is proof of a unique kind of virility, irresistible to regular dudes and celebrities alike. These 13 vintage skateboarding photos to make you wish for summer.

1. The 1977 Catalina Classic

John Hutson on the streets of Avalon, CA

2. Tony Hawk, 1987

Tony Hawk 19-year-old practicing in his garage as his father Frank watches.

3. Barefoot Stick Jump, 1975

All the way greens.

4. Handstand, 1975

Track jackets endure.

5. Rhode Island, 1975

Check out the sweet lineup of shoes.

6. Full Pipe, 1977

Making great use of some tubes in the desert.

7. Central Park, 1965

Another good reason to get yourself a turtleneck.

8. Kingston, RI, 1975

In the 1970s skateboards were tiny.

9. Russ Howell, 1984

Not your regular skater hat. That's exactly why it's so cool.

10. Keith Lenharr, 1982

Totally appropriate amount of padding.

11. Roadside Celebration, 1975

A collection of every cool T-shirt ever made.

12. Wesleyan University, 1965

Skating in loafers is quite a swerve.

13. Goleta, CA, 1987

Air Jordans up in the air.

(Photos: Getty Images, via GQ)


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